Specialist Strata Managers

Holly and Williams Who?

Holly and Williams Strata Managers was founded in 2011 to answer the growing demand in Melbourne for a specialist Strata Manager offering hands-on, personalised service to Committees responsible for 100+ Lots. We’re happy now, having established a successful model, to offer this level of service to smaller communities as well.

Our key team members have wide ranging experience in property, finance and law, but above all we’re experienced Building Managers – we know how buildings and their special communities work.


Why Holly and Williams?

No Surprises

We don’t like surprises and we know Owners Corporation Committees don’t either.



Fixed Price Contracts are the best way to avoid surprises! We don’t use the standard two tiered contract with a whole bunch of variables, buried in the fine print. We do our homework and strike a fixed price that is locked in for the term of the contract. The only extras we ever charge for are one-off items which the Committee would first have to approve (Ballots, Special Resolutions etc). Your Committee can then budget accurately for its management costs – with no surprises!


The Invisible Manager

Too often we hear of Strata Managers being seen infrequently and being difficult to contact. We promise your dedicated Manager will visit your building very regularly and is available to your Committee 24/7. Your Manager will attend as many Committee meetings as the Committee has and all for no additional charge.

How do we do this? We’re very choosy – we do our homework and if we don’t honestly believe we’re the best-fit for your OC we’ll decline the opportunity to quote and explain why.