Getting your foot on the Melbourne Property Ladder

When it comes to getting that foot on the Melbourne property ladder we understand how intimidating that can be. With it’s wide ranging suburbs containing beautiful houses for sale, and extensive CBD spaces with luxury apartments for sale in Melbourne, there’s a lot to choose from and much to consider. A fantastic option for many buyers is to consider buying off the plan, and with this process it’s important to speak to an expert.

Buying off the plan

The term buying off the plan refers to the purchasing of a property that has yet to be built. Benefits to this include securing a solid price ahead of time, usually with a smaller than average deposit, as well as saving money on stamp duty. Choosing to buy off plans alone can be an intimidating process, but with our thorough knowledge of this arena we offer detailed assistance each step of the process. The team here at Holly and Williams has extensive project marketing experience to combine with their area know-how, helping you find the perfect property. With consistent growth in the city centre there are many Melbourne apartments for sale that are available off the plan, and we apply our experience to guide you towards the best fit for your needs.

Melbourne property assessment

In order to create a tailored experience for each client we begin the process with an assessment of your current situation, to determine your desired Melbourne property goals and the available means to get there. We make sure each prospective buyer has a full understanding of the steps involved, and has all the information available to them in order to make an informed decision. As your loyal real estate agents in Melbourne we aim to explain everything in easy to understand formats and be available to answer any questions you may have.

Houses for sale – the buying process

With a personalised assessment complete we can move on to viewing potential suitable developments, each one from a reputable company. By offering a range of properties for review each client has the opportunity to see what is out there and find the perfect fit for them, while we ensure your best interests remain the focus throughout the buying process. Whether you choose a new apartment for sale in St Kilda Rd, or a new build home for sale in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, we will be on hand to help with the signing and submitting of the contract of sale as well as advise on various considerations along the way. 

Your experienced Melbourne real estate agents 

When it comes to navigating various property projects in this beautiful city of ours we are proud to apply our local area knowledge to our teams extensive real estate skills and expertise. This culminates in providing each of our clients with a personalised process from the start of prospecting through to the completion of an off the plan Melbourne property purchase. We guarantee a smooth and hassle-free buying experience. Here at Holly and Williams our focus is on getting you the best deal, and helping you safely navigate the buying process as your dedicated Melbourne real estate agents.