Four super-cheap ways to make a first impression

Real estate agents can be so passionate about the need to create a great first impression when selling your home that you might be forgiven for feeling a little pressure.

Our passion is not misplaced, however – curb appeal has a direct impact on the number of buyers your property will attract and strongly influence their desire to own it. 

Homes that are shabby and untidy can turn buyers away before they’ve even got out of the car and you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. 

Thankfully, there are a few simple, low-budget ways to give the front of your property a little extra sparkle. 

Here are some quick and easy tips as you prepare to put your home on the market.

Brush with colour

Enhance your exterior with a fresh coat of paint. Choose a colour scheme that fits the style and period of your home. It’s fashionable right now to paint your front door either a glossy primary colour or a sexy jet-black. That will make your home “pop”.

Embrace nature

Tidy your garden and replant the flowerbeds. Keep the lawn mown, weed around established plants and lay down mulch. Plants that line a footpath to the front door creates a lovely definition. 

Posh porch

Dress your porch or verandah with potted plants and perhaps include a couple of chairs with cushions to match the colour palette of your frontage. Taller plants will add privacy to the seated area.

Light it up

Lights with solar panels are a cheap and easy way to enhance the front of your home further. When selling, ensure the photography includes some evening shots for a stunning image that would be included in your marketing campaign.

Kill clutter

Whatever you do, ensure the front of your home is free of garden tools, children’s toys and any other clutter that might typically accumulate. Also, remove your car from the driveway or carport to give buyers the greatest impression of space.