6 features to win the hearts of post-lockdown buyers

Fashion in real estate comes and goes, and it’s been interesting to see what buyers are seeking in this Covid pandemic era.

As experienced sellers know, meeting the demands of the marketplace is one of the critical arts to maximise the value of your property.

This is why so many owners of apartments and houses will invest in a new bathroom or kitchen to make their homes more attractive and valuable to buyers.

But buyer preferences can be fickle. Below are some of the features that buyers are seeking in today’s market:

Heated floors

These are becoming increasingly prevalent in the specifications of new homes. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, or put down new flooring, consider heated floors. They’re seen as an luxury by today’s buyers, especially if you’re stuck at home all winter. 

Separate laundry

A real winner with young families is a separate laundry. Smart shelving, and storage, coupled with a modern front-loader and dryer, will put your home ahead of the pack in the eyes of today’s buyers.

Curbless shower 

If a bathroom upgrade is part of your strategy to maximise the value of your home, you cannot go past a curbless shower. Instead, floor tiles and frameless glass walls better integrate the shower into the rest of the bathroom and create a sense of flow. But make sure your drainage is good.

Steam oven

With our social habits modifying due to Covid, buyers are more health-conscious and want to spend more time in the kitchen. A steam oven eliminates the need for oil, and the food retains more nutrients.

Pizza oven

Rising prices and longer wait times for take-outs, combined with delivery drivers unwanted at your door, has seen a rise in the demand for pizza ovens. It’s a wow factor with first-time buyers especially and is great in an outdoor garden area. 

Garden lighting

Security and a beautiful aesthetic combine when you install elegant garden lighting. Obviously, most viewings will occur in daylight, so make sure your photos promote this feature. It’s guaranteed to attract the attention of discerning buyers.